Just Finished the Dress Rehearsal!!

Just finished a several hour dress rehearsal with the GBC orchestra and the choir!  It was so much fun to finally see everything come together – especially with the tech team in there!  I especially appreciated Lisa Hernacki’s guidance and leadership as she kept us on track.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of what the concert will look like:

Birds eye view of Dress Rehearsal

Every wonder what is going on behind the scenes?  We have an amazing tech team helping out with this concert!  Here’s a peek into the control room during The Light Princess runthrough.

Control Room During Dress Rehearsal

Now all it needs is an audience! :o)

And the Music Comes to Life!

Yesterday we had our first choir rehearsal for the upcoming concerts on February 27 and March 6 and it was so much fun!  I was so pleased to hear my music come to life for the very first time and I am so grateful to everyone who collaborated to build this all volunteer choir!

First Choir Practice

Conductor and TMC Alumni Taylor Arnone has graciously agreed to help prepare the choir and conduct them for the March 6 concert.  I am so very greateful for his leadership as he works with the vocalists and pulls the expression from the music.

Less than four weeks until the world premier.  I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!