Ending? This is only the beginning….

Graduation HatToday marked the conclusion of a four year chapter in my life at The Master’s College.  Although graduation isn’t until Friday, I have concluded all of my academic classes!

While I am so grateful for my time at The Master’s College, I don’t really see this as an ending – rather a beginning.  Even though I have finished my college career for now, I don’t plan on ever stopping learning.  As one person stated:

You never stop learning

You should never stop learning

Learning is not just a gift, it’s a privilege.


 Learning is one of the greatest keys to success and already, even though I just finished my last class this morning, I already know what the next three things I am going to be studying are (I’ll be sharing soon).  I have been looking at many possibilities both professionally and in some amazing new projects and will be posting along the way what I learn

2 thoughts on “Ending? This is only the beginning….

  1. Dearest Amy,
    You are absolutely correct. Those who stop learning, stagnant. That will never be you. Be proud of who you are and your magnificent accomplishments. There is only more to come!!!.
    Sent with love,
    Aunt Royce

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